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Hex Preservativi| Re-engineered Latex Condoms by LELO | encounters Discomfort, Slippage and Breakage | benessere sessuale – Slim Health Store.

Try LELO Hex Condoms to Be A Part of immense Revolution in Safe SexShips to Over 200 paesi – Order in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Nuova Zelanda, India, Francia, Svezia, eccetera.

What is Hex Condoms?

Numerous things have changed in the 21st century. But Couples, especially Men still use and will continue to use condoms (for protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy) for various benefits.

Hex Preservativi is the latest innovation by LELO, a Company famous for creating and selling sexual and pleasure products, for both men and women. As read on official website, Hex Condoms are both strong and thin and preserves sensation of touch. Unlike other condoms, they come in revolutionary hexagonal structure inside ( helps in reinforcement, grip and sensation ) and perfectly gentle surface outside. Ogni LELO Hex package contains 36 condoms.

Who is LELO?

LELO is an high-end sex toy brand that makes super-sleek adult products.

Features of Hex Condoms:


  • natural rubber material latex condom,
  • è 0.045 mm ultra thin,
  • è 180 mm long,
  • has a 54 mm diameter,
  • conserves strength, durability, and thinness,
  • are powerful, robust and highly sensitive,
  • truly flexiblecan stretch to accommodate penis of any size,
  • causes no hindrance in your love-making exercise,
  • ensures maximum pleasure,
  • comes with light lubrication,
  • first revolution of its kind,
  • can be termed as ‘holy grailin condom industry.

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You can click on Link below and Visit Official Website to Complete your Purchase of LELO Hex Condoms.

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Each of Hex Condoms encloses a structure of 350 interconnected hexagons. Your warmth and love will reach your partner for more passion and sexual intimacy.

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Ranking del prodotto : #1 Revolutionary Condom.

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La stagionalità del prodotto : depends on your need of intimacy!

Sito web del prodotto : https://www.slimhealthstore.com/sexual-wellness/hex-condoms

Prezzo: $34.9

Offerta prodotti: Lelo 1 Year Warranty and 10 Years Quality Guarantee.

Payment Modes: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Alipay.

Tempo di consegna : circa. 3-5 giorni, Dipende dalla nazione.

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Lelo Hex Condoms – vantaggi:

  • is packed in a very simple to open wrapperHex condoms are packed with strong papers, not tin foil or plastic. This packaging can easily be ripped with your fingers, even when slippery with lube or vaginal juices.
  • comes slightly rolledhence easy to figure out the correct rolling direction.
  • very flexible and stretchy – sì, it won’t constrict your penis or reduce the pleasure. It can accommodate penis of every size. You can take the stretching test by blowing air inside it!!
  • lightly lubricatedhence you are ready to go from the moment you wear it.
  • freedom from constrictive baseno more constant attention paying for base roll up during action.
  • unrolling is more smoother than you can think.
  • extremely transparent and clear material to maintain aesthetics.


Why should I purchase from the Official Website?

  • Free shipping,
  • Product at your doorstep within 5 giorni,
  • tie-up with UPS/DHL/Fedex/USPS,
  • No mention of the nature of product on packagehence only you know what’s inside,
  • safe and secure payment process.

Why has company adapted to hexagonal structure, and not plain surface?

Everyone is aware of honeycombs hexagonal structure. Both nature and dragonflies have kept strength, symmetry, lightness, evenness in focus.

Can I feel the texture after wearing Hex condoms?

sì, you will immediately feel the raised inner hexagonal patterns. Ma, you will soon be lost in your partner’s arms and enjoy pleasure of safe sex.

Is Hex Condom safe?

Hex definitely exceeds the International quality standards. Anche, the company tests every unit to ensure highest quality of the product. Anche, they are free from any animal derivative and hence considered as Vegan.

Little pressure on some portion and entire condom breaks. This happens in case of Market leading brands. Ma, the hexagonal structure in LELO Hex helps condom regain its form and prevents overall tearing. Quindi, this makes it more reliable than other branded condoms.

Lelo Hex Condoms – Come da Commenti dei clienti:

Olivia from New York, USA dice,”My boyfriend says he has never achieved an orgasm stronger than that achieved wearing Lelo Hex condom.

Anna from Calgary, Canada dice,”This has to be the best condom I have ever felt. My boyfriend has the same opinion. Strong and equally thinner.

Cheryl from Wellington, Nuova Zelanda dice,”I brought them via Slim Health Store. It felt like skin to skin contact and hence we purchased more. We do not even think about switching to any other brand now. These are the thinnest condoms I have ever seen. i suggest, do not waste your time, money, orgasms and whatever on anything else. I trust Lelo Hex. ”

Michael from Sydney, australia dice che,Fits to perfection and comfort’s unbelievable. Normalmente, I am used to buying specific size condoms coz standard size won’t fit on my tool. Ma, to my surprise, these were able to fit my above average size penis, no hardships rolling down and putting it on. These do not roll back or slip. They are free from odor and helps smell the natural aroma. Fabulous and Superior product overall. ”

Grace from London, UK dice,”Onestamente, I don’t like condoms but they are needed. Hex condomswell they are different, You can use these and still enjoy the intercourse thing. My god, that is so thin. ”

Riya from New Delhi, India dice,”sono 8 months pregnant. It was turning difficult for me and my husband to maintain sex life. I purchased these and got them delivered in 3 giorni. Onestamente, they have saved my sex life. I prefer these over no condoms credits to lube used. “

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